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Free Joomla News templates

Free Joomla News template

Do you want to set up your press website? Or do you simply want to renovate your Joomla site? A free Joomla News template for your News website, for a test for example, is certainly of interest to you. We made the search easier by selecting several very impressive magazine and newspaper templates. All you have to do is look for good Joomla web hosting and ensure the security of your Joomla site.

Find a free Joomla News template

LT News

LT News is a well-organized news site Joomla template ideally used for a magazine, blog, or daily news website. This amazing model is built to fit all digital media and allows content to be edited easily. Besides, it also comes in 4 color styles, has drag and drop tools and color setting to make your site more vibrant. Thanks to the K2 extension will make the development of your news site more flexible. Please feel free to check out the live demo to better appreciate it.


With this free Joomla template, you can easily create tile-based websites. It is ideal to design blogs or magazine sites with remarkable features that use some of the most flexible Joomla modules on the market.

News Portal

This template will help you create news, newspapers and magazines, daily news, news website or blog. The Bootstrap framework it includes makes it fully adaptable to all screen resolutions. Thanks to it, your professional site is visible, your imagination and your experience are the limit!

SJ News

It is one of the best free Joomla templates released. With a new eye-catching design and many built-in extensions, the free Joomla template is a gift from Smartaddons to thank you for your continued support. Consider visiting the demo, which will certainly satisfy you.

SJ Personal

SJ Personal is a beautiful free Joomla template ideal for personal press blogging. It will allow you to promote business thanks to its professional, elegant and completely customizable look. With the malleable admin panel, Sj Personal will give you the opportunity to design your cool website like a boss, without touching any code.


You can use this template for your blog, also for a news site. This free template will allow you to create a modern blog. Likewise, its various features make it ideal for both casual bloggers and professionals.