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Joomla Security extensions

Joomla security extensions

Many of us spend a lot of time and effort designing and developing a website. However, we often forget or do not consider securing the website. Joomla is the second platform for infected websites. If for you security is not to be neglected, you will certainly find in our selection a Joomla extensions security for your site that would suit you.

Joomla security extensions


It protects you from intrusions and hacking attempts. RSFirewall! is one of the most advanced Joomla extensions on the market. It has a bunch of security features. These include: adding an extra password to the extra back office, blocking certain IP addresses, preventing brute force attacks. You can also configure the detection and removal of dangerous files, as well as the optimization and repair of the database. Be sure to check it out its other features.


This extension acts as a full-fledged webmaster toolkit. Watchful Client, can perform a variety of tasks. We can cite: automatic updating of your secure extensions, backing up your website, scanning the entire website. It will allow you to have at your disposal a detailed report of the activity of your site and even perform an SEO audit of your site. Most of these tasks can be automated, so all you have to do is execute a first setup and let the machine run on its own. We let you discover its many other features.


Hackers are all over the internet and the best way to protect your website from them is to tighten up the admin area first. With AdminExile, you can do it with the greatest ease. You can prevent certain accounts from logging into your site and even detect brute force attacks. Moreover, if you forgot your key, you can get it back using their lost key recovery option.

BadBot Protection

Did you know that very often the spikes in traffic to your website are not due to humans, but caused by bots. The latter are not always good for your site as they consume your server speed and bandwidth. BadBot Protection comes to get rid of this problem. Indeed, it can detect and block « bad » bots and only keeps the bots that are necessary.


JomDefender can pre-detect the movement of hackers and help you protect your website. With it, you can add an extra layer of password protection to your administration area. In addition, you can deny specific IP addresses and even check for suspicious files. Very interesting point, you will have the possibility to optimize the loading time of your web page and to deactivate the unnecessary functionality of the plugins.


As the name suggests, Eyesite literally keeps an eye on your website to see if any files have been added, deleted or changed. Since this task is almost impossible to perform on our own, this extension becomes a must-have for all website owners. Alerts are sent by email when Eyesite detects suspicious activity. You can even view the current status and modification history of the file if needed.


The security of your site also depends on the security of the server on which your site is hosted. A Joomla extension for security is important. But, it is always advisable to choose an excellent web host provider that does not skimp on security. You would certainly like our article on Joomla site security.