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Joomla web hosting

Joomla web hosting

Do you plan to set up your website with Joomla!? Do you want your site to become a popular website in the future to promote your business, your passion or an event? The creation of a website depends on the choice of hosting. Of course, the security of the Joomla! website should not be neglected. Before we go any further, be aware that poor web hosting for your Joomla! site (as well as any other type of site) is a bad place to start.

In this article, we will explain what you need to know to choose the right web hosting for your future Joomla! site.

What is a web hosting?

Imagine a store in real life. To be able to set up the latter, it is first necessary to find the room where to exhibit and keep its merchandise and to welcome its customers. This is also the case with a website, it will be necessary to find a space where the site will be kept and accessible to the Internet users. A website itself is a collection of text files, images, videos, etc. It is therefore a web host that will provide its servers (very powerful computers) connected to the Internet at very high speed.

By purchasing an account with this web host, it allocates space to it where it can store the pages of a website. The Internet users will therefore be able to access to your website. Of course, it is quite possible to host your website yourself at home. However, a home’s internet speed is very low and cannot handle the hundreds and thousands of connection requests.

Types of web hosting

Depending on the performance of the web hosting and the configuration of the servers, there are three main types of web hosting.

Shared hosting.
Here, several users share the same server, for example a building where several tenants live. They share the water, electricity and same building. Naturally, the costs of hosting and maintenance are cheaper for every tenant.

Dedicated hosting.
In this type of hosting, the host allocates an entire server to a single user. Like a home for one family. In this case, one person bears all the costs associated with the accommodation. This type of hosting is generally suitable for websites or web applications that have a large number of visitors, and which require a lot of power.

VPS hosting.
The middle ground between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Choosing this type of web hosting is like hosting your site on a virtually dedicated server, with no costs included.

What kind of web hosting to choose for Joomla! ?

Choosing a web hosting for Joomla! depends on several factors. We can cite the nature of the site to be hosted. Indeed, a simple showcase site does not need a lot of performance to function unlike an e-commerce site.

Traffic also plays an important role in choosing the right accommodation. The more visitors a site has, the more resources it will require to provide a good quality of service and remain available.

The available budget also enters into the parameters to consider when choosing accommodation. Thus, going from shared to dedicated hosting, we will choose the solution that meets the budget while aiming for maximum performance. Other important parameters are the security of the hosting and the support offered by the web host. In conclusion, it is clear that a good Joomla hosting plan should be efficient, reasonable on budget and offered by a trusted web host.