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Free Joomla Business templates

Free Joomla Business template

It’s rare these days to see a business that doesn’t have a website. Indeed, the advantages of a site are no longer to be demonstrated in a digital world. If you don’t have a website yet, don’t panic. There are many tools out there to have a website ready very quickly. Joomla allows you to accomplish this. Combined with a free Joomla Business template, you won’t have to spend a lot. Find a good web host for your site and discover our selection of templates for your future website.

Find a Free Joomla Business Template

JM Internet

This free Joomla Business template is intended for Internet service providers. However, its versatility and responsive nature make it a template that you can use for any service provider’s sites. Thanks to its integrated DJ-EasyContact module, you will stay in touch with your customers. Indeed, your customers can easily send you their contact information through the said form. Other interesting features of this template: a price table, social media icons, personalized content for a site in your image.

JD Paris

An item from our list of free Joomla templates for business: JD Paris. It is a simple and clean styled template particularly suitable for schools and educational institutions. In addition to being completely free, it offers easy management thanks to the Astroid Framework. On the other hand, it adapts to all digital media for smooth navigation for your visitors. It also has a counter to add dimension to your site and generate engagement with your visitors.

WT Business

To extend our list of free Joomla extensions for business, we have the WT Business template. As the name suggests, this is the ideal template for any type of activity. Whether you use it privately or for a commercial need, you will be able to build a site in your image thanks to its high customization. If you have sufficient programming knowledge and want to modify this theme, its clean and structured code will make it easier for you.


This is a template that stands out from these peers on this list because it offers e-commerce functionality. So if your business plans to expand its business through an online store, Indigo will suit your needs. It thus meets the needs of businesses, firms and agencies. This template comes with 5 homepage variations to suit your need. Likewise, its other features will give you the opportunity to present all the strengths of your business in a modern and attractive design.

In short, a good site depends above all on good hosting. Discover our article that will help you choose your Joomla web hosting.