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Joomla multisite extensions

Joomla multisite extensions

Are you looking for Joomla extensions to set up a multi-site? We have identified powerful extensions for you that adapt to different needs. Before going any further, you might like to read our article on Joomla multi-sites. Among these Joomla multisite extensions, some of them are free to reduce the cost of designing your site.

Joomla multisite extensions


This extension for multi-site Joomla will allow you to create multiple sites using a single installation of Joomla. You will therefore be able to share the database between these different sites. In addition, this extension will allow you to create many virtual sites based on subfolders.

Watchful Client

Watchful Client is not just a Joomla extension for multi-site. It is actually a complete toolkit to save time when managing your websites. Because it automates tasks such as creating and backing up websites, updating extensions, you will have full control over your website and multi-site. Likewise, it will allow you to monitor the security of your Joomla! Multi-site.


This is one of the Joomla extensions! for multi-site the most popular and especially free. Sedblod is a Joomla web application builder! based on the concept of CCK (Content Construction Kit). As a result, you will have at your disposal an advanced content management compatible with all the extensions of Joomla !. Thanks to its multi-site functionality, you can use to set up several personalized sites, quickly from a single interface.


A multi-site saves space and offers many other benefits. However, we must not overlook the fact that several sites, even on a multi-site Joomla! require more performance to be able to function optimally. It is therefore advisable to opt for a powerful Joomla web hosting plan for your future multi-site.