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Joomla multisite

Joomla multisite

Have you heard of Joomla multisite and wonder what it is? We’ll explain that for you in this article. We will also mention the reasons you need to choose Joomla to create a multisite.

What is a multisite

You can see a multisite is like a collection of linked sites created from a single CMS installation. The management of these sites is done from a single administration interface. Not all CMSs handle multisites the same. We thus find an interface specific to the management of the rights of the contributors of each site for certain CMS. Likewise, some CMSs set up a sharing of disk space, database, themes, plugins. A multisite is quite useful in certain situations: a franchise can use a multisite for example. It may have a main site and additional sites with different designs and colors depending on the locality.

Advantage of a multisite

A multisite provides several advantages:

  • The sharing of content and functions avoids the need to set up complex synchronization between sites.
  • It also saves space on your Joomla! web hosting plan. Actually, several sites use the same set of files. Since there is now only one site, management costs such as updating and maintaining are reduced.
  • It is also a financial advantage, as it eliminates the need to purchase multiple accommodations.

Why create a multisite with Joomla!

Joomla is an open source CMS (Content Management System). Like other CMS, it allows you to quickly create a website without writing code. It has multiple peculiarities that make it a good choice for creating a multisite.

  • Natively, Joomla! is multisite. Very little known fact, but you have the possibility to create your multisite without using extensions.
  • Thanks to its very advanced rights management, Joomla allows you to build very specific roles natively. It will therefore be easy to split and distinguish the sites and their administrators.
  • On Joomla, template management can be done by pages. You should know that a template is a site template that can be used to build a site more easily. It is therefore this peculiarity of managing templates per page that will make it possible to create a personalized design for each site while keeping a single administration interface.

Although Joomla! is natively a multisite, it is also interesting to use multisite extensions to facilitate the management of the Joomla multisite. Consider discovering our selection of extensions for multisite Joomla. You will not be disappointed.