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Joomla VS WordPress

Joomla vs wordpress

Joomla! and WordPress shouldn’t be new to you if you’ve heard of CMS before. These are indeed the most popular platforms for building websites without understanding programming. Joomla, very popular in its beginnings, was quickly dethroned by WordPress. Although WordPress dominates the CMS world, a Joomla vs WordPress comparison will allow you to see if it is worth considering Joomla for your site.

Whether it’s one or the other platform, you will necessarily have to install Joomla on Joomla web hosting, and WordPress on WordPress web hosting to be able to use them or appreciate their differences.

Comparison of Joomla and WordPress on security

By their very nature, CMS including Joomla and WordPress extend their functionality using plugins or extensions. However, it is not an easy task to ensure that all plugins or extensions used follow the standards in terms of security. Or even if they remain compatible with the new versions of each CMS. As a result, if just one plugin has a problem, the whole site will go down. This is why Joomla implements at least basic security through SSL connection constraint and two-factor authentication. However, WordPress does not natively implement such basic security. So Joomla! wins this round of the Joomla vs WordPress comparison.

Joomla vs WordPress : SEO

When we confront Joomla! and WordPress on the SEO point of view, WordPress is lagging behind since Joomla! natively gives the option to define the keywords and the meta description of the articles. On the other hand, on a broader level with the help of extensions or plugins, their true capacities are put to the test. WordPress offers an excellent plugins aimed at improving a site’s SEO, including the popular Yoast SEO, a real gem in functionality. On this point, WordPress is ahead of the Joomla vs WordPress game.

Content management

In the Joomla! vs WordPress comparison, the content management aspect is not to be overlooked. Both platforms allow you to create any type of website. Although WordPress was primarily aimed at creating blogs, it also allows you to create more complex websites and sites. For its part, Joomla! has a very high degree of customization although it can take quite a while to learn.

In short, in the Joomla vs WordPress comparison, you will find that WordPress gives the advantage of being able to quickly and easily create a website. Joomla would be more suitable for the more seasoned who would like to further personalize their website.